Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Praking

Absolutely no Pracking allowed. Do not Prak here! Anyone who does is a complete Prack.

Traveling Tree

The traveling tree is packed and ready to leaf.

Hey again

It sure has been a while. Life has had some ups and downs since I last wrote here. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details. If you want them, lets talk over a drink some evening.

In the meantime, here are some things I've seen recently here in India...

What kind of girl are you? Are you the Sweety kind... or the Meety kind?

Here is a mantis struttin' her stuff...

And me... struttin' mine. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


I don't usually make a habit out of photographing toilets, but this is different enough from typical American bathrooms that it is worthy of discussion.

We are looking at a traditional Indian toilet. Most places you visit have a more western 'seat', but if you are traveling or staying in an older house, you'd better be prepared to use one like this. For perspective, I've been coming here for months and only recently encountered the need to utilize a facility similar to the one pictured here.

Note the lack of toilet paper. This is strictly a B.Y.O.P affair. Also, bring your own hand sanitizer too. Many toilets of the 'ground-level' variety do not have a flush-tank. You flush by pouring water in the hole. This is a luxury model.

I just realized while typing that having any kind of toilet may be considered a luxury to some. Bushes work well enough in many parts of the world.

- from webOS

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upcoming Films I Actually May See

I know I say I don't like watching many movies, but I found a list of upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Strange films... and some of them strike my fancy. Yeah, I have odd and geeky taste in films.

John Carter (March 9)
Now that Brad Bird has rocked as a live-action director with Mission Impossible 4, it's his Pixar comrade Andrew Stanton's turn. Stanton adapts Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic "sword and planet" novels, with a script co-written by Michael Chabon. Outlook: It's hard to imagine how this could be anything but amazing.

Scott's Take: I've read a number of the John Carter books. Early, cheezy Sci-Fi with a sense of adventure. Glad to see someone actually trying to bring old pulpy adventure to the big-screen.

The Avengers (May 4)
The culmination of all those Marvel superhero films, this one sees a crew of movie stars facing off against Loki, and his friends. Outlook: There were rumors of budgetary disputes and Robert Downey Jr. diva behavior. But we still expect excellence.

Scott's Take: Loving the movie continuity between the Iron Man / Thor / Captain America films. Going to have to see them again prior to the culmination that is Avengers. Also, love Joss Wheadon!

Prometheus (June 8)
Ridley Scott returns to science fiction in this ambiguous Alien prequel. A crew of explorers seeks the origins of humanity, but may find the end of the human race instead. Outlook: It's Ridley Scott. And he filmed in Iceland. It looks astonishing.

Scott's Take: Adore Ridley Scott's Alien and Bladerunner films. Longing for his return to Sci-Fi with Prometheus

Brave (June 22)
Pixar's first female hero, Merida, goes on a quest in this fairy-tale epic. Merida defies custom and makes a mistake that nearly unleashes chaos on the land. Outlook: This film switched directors halfway through. But it still looks lovely. Fingers crossed.

Scott's Take: Pixar? Celtic adventure? Mega-hair? My kind of film!

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20)
The conclusion of Chris Nolan's epic Batman trilogy. Bane demolishes football fields, Catwoman spouts Occupy Wall Street rhetoric, and Bruce Wayne gets pretty messed up. And that's just the trailer. Outlook: Nolan's literally never let us down. And this looks like his most insane movie yet

Scott's Take: Batman? Batman! BATMAN!!!

Dredd (Sept. 21)
Mega City One's greatest lawman finally gets a serious film, with Karl Urban as a Dredd who never takes his helmet off. Sarah Connor and Cersei Lannister, aka Lena Headey, is the villain. Outlook: The draft script was fun but nothing special. But the look of the film is picture-perfect, and script drafts can change.

Scott's Take: Not Sylvester Stallone... Judge Dredd. Some of the best part of the comics was the look, and the grim nature of Mega city One's future. Hope to see it come through in the film and be less Hollywood than the previous Dredd film.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Dec. 14)
Peter Jackson returns to Middle Earth, in the first half of an adaptation of Tolkien's classic quest novel. Outlook: The first trailer was the stuff of dreams. And Martin Freeman looks perfect as Bilbo Baggins.

Scott's Take: I actually didn't care for the trailer. It didn't resonate with my imagination the same way The Lord Of The Rings did. I'm still looking forward to it though since nobody else will make a film of The Hobbit with as much love and attention to the source material as Jackson and his team.

Iron Sky
The thrilling "Nazis on the Moon" film that we've been drooling over. Coming out April 4 in Finland, and hopefully sometime in the U.S. Outlook: The concept art is stunning, and the screenplay is by Tiptree Award-winning novelist Johanna Sinisalo.

Scott's Take: The look of this film is downright amazing. Although I've been burned on watching movies just forn their look. Anyone remember Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? Sorry for bringing that up...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Package: Received!

Well this was a nice way to start a Monday morning!

When I got to work, there was a parcel waiting for me on my desk. Inside was a wonderful card, chocolates, pistachios, and a tiny Christmas tree!

The chocolates will go quickly. A giant pack of peanut M&Ms. I hadn't realized how much I miss American sweets until today. The crunchy shell and rich chocolate followed by the pop of a peanut is wonderful. Rather than making myself sick by eating the whole bag, I'm sharing the goodies with the office.

Now, sharing the chocolate-covered cherries may be more difficult. ;-)

The best part of the present is the stack of photos. Family faces, shots of the farm, smiling nieces and nephews, perfect to add to my wall at home. These are the things that keep me going in a strange place.

I'm here for a good number of reasons, but most of all to become a better person. Being apart is hard, but good for me. I'm learning to deal with life in all kinds of unexpected ways, and it is making me stronger to deal with everything. I'm doing it for me, but I'm also doing it for those around me. All those family members and friends with whom I've ever argued or shared a bad day with will hopefully be the ones who receive the new me. Being a better person does not mean much unless you have someone around with whom you can share it.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Package: Delivered

My little adventure of shipping a parcel was a success! Family back in the states got the package just in time for the holidays. Contents intact and complete with food items, the package had no problem getting there.

They also sent me gifts, but I have yet to get them. Apparently, Santa does not know my address in India.

- from webOS